Brendan Inchoate-Crimes

Inchoate Crimes and Accomplice Liability, courtesy of Brendan Conley

I recently came across the most amazing bar exam flow charts I’ve ever seen. That’s the only way I can describe the free bar exam study materials on Brendan Conley’s bar exam website. When I first discovered his website, I downloaded each of his law outlines, diagrams and flow charts and was totally in awe of every one of them. Not only is the information interesting to look at, it’s also accurate and complete.

I love visuals, and had I discovered this material while I was studying for the bar exam, I would have printed my favorites on a color printer and put them up all around me for inspiration. These charts and outlines could also be used by law students studying for exams during school or just to help them better understand legal concepts.

Constitutional Law Threshold Issue State Actor Requirement

Constitutional Law Threshold Issue State Actor Requirement, courtesy of Brendan Conley

Brendan is an attorney who designed these amazing outlines for himself when he wrote the California Bar Exam in July 2006 which he passed. He offers all of his material completely free of charge. You can download or save any of the charts to be printed.

If you are finding your own law books and outlines too full of boring black text, don’t waste any time in downloading these colorful and informative guides. Bar exam studying will never be the same again!

Visit Brendan’s website and check out his review of our very own BarIssues database of essays and searchable issues on his blog.

open bookYou’ve been through it before, and now you are about to go through it again. Somehow it’s almost comforting…the familiarity with the materials, your outlines, the essays, the multiple choice questions. But hold on! Brian of Make This Your Last Time wants to make sure this is your last time writing the bar exam.

When Brian wrote the California Bar Exam for the first time in July 2013 he did not pass. He immediately got to work studying for his second attempt where he improved his scaled score by over 70 points and passed the bar exam in February 2014. Read More →

SRS_logo_f_f1_squareEver wonder how on earth you will possibly remember all the rules of law for the bar exam? During my own bar exam studies, one thing I kept hearing over and over again from various bar prep materials went something like this: “Don’t worry about memorizing; it will come naturally as you work with the material.” While to some degree, this may be true, at a certain point students still have to commit the rules and their elements to memory. I often felt if there was just some machine I could place over my head that would allow all of the black letter law to become instantly memorized, boy, could I write a killer exam! You can tell that memorization is not one of my strong points. But maybe there is a scientifically proven technique that could help with memory retention and of course…there is. It’s called spaced repetition which has been shown to produce some very impressive results. And now, there is an app for bar exam students to utilize this proven technique. Read More →