Book Review: Bar Exam Mind

Bar Exam Mind bookMatt Racine has published the second edition of his book, Bar Exam Mind, which covers some key aspects of studying for the bar exam that are often overlooked by students. Sure, we all know that reviewing lectures, writing essays, answering MBE’s, and memorizing is mandatory, but how much importance do we really place on our state of mind?

When I took the California bar exam, the day before I was scheduled to fly to Los Angeles, I came down with pink eye! Now, this is something I haven’t had since my children were in pre-school (and they are now in college) as it’s quite common among youngsters and it can be contagious. At the time I didn’t even realize what it was except that I woke up with a red eye that morning, grabbed some eye drops and figured it would go away. I got through the three days of the bar exam with my eye slowly getting a bit worse each day, but it didn’t hurt so I was able to manage. When I returned home I saw a doctor who prescribed antibiotics and it thankfully went away. After reading Bar Exam Mind I believe that stress may have caused my body to be more susceptible to infection. Read More →