Male Law Student SurprisedThe first time we published our Bar Exam Essay Bloopers back in May of 2014, we had a lot of essays to go through to find those golden nuggets of comical student answers written under bar exam pressure. Since then we’ve been on the look-out for some more, but it seems that today’s law students have either become more serious or more careful. Whatever the case, we did find a few things that sparked a “wow!” Read More →

girl on bed with laptop fdpHow on earth are you going to get through 3 full days of the bar exam without falling apart? If it’s your first time sitting for the bar, it’s impossible to predict how you are going to react to the mental task ahead. But, you can be well prepared by having a good routine in place that sets you up for success. I took the California bar exam twice, each time in Pasadena, thankfully passing the second one. My schedule was pretty much the same each time and I felt very assured and mentally prepared with each sitting. Here is my day-by-day routine of what I did from my first day of arrival to my final day of departure. Read More →

time for changeIt’s bad enough that California bar exam takers have to wait anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 ½ months to get their results, but for repeaters who have written the exam a second time, the pressure during this waiting period is even more agonizing. A first-timer who fails is likely to turn around and without hesitation, take the exam again. But switch to the second-time bar taker who again fails – does anyone really want to take the bar exam for a third time, or God forbid, a fourth time? Would you feel defeated and give up? Read More →

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While I was studying for the California Bar Exam, I kept a running list of all the things I wanted to do after the exam was over, many of which were things I felt I was missing out on during my intense study period. This list was my salvation, my go-to guide for times when I was feeling down or just bored with my study routines. As something popped into my head I would add it to my list. It really helped me put everything into perspective knowing that soon this would be all over and worth it.

Here was my list, not in any particular order: Read More →

hard easy fdpAnyone who has ever taken the California bar exam has heard this before – the state of California has the hardest bar exam in the country. But, is it really true? Sure the pass rates are very low in California, but then, California allows students from non-ABA-accredited law schools to sit for the bar. This could tip the scales since results do show that on average, these students perform more poorly on the exam than their ABA-approved counterparts. Well, finally, we have some data to prove once and for all, which state really has the hardest bar exam in the country. Read More →

Katie blogSomething I would have never guessed going into law school was that my favorite “study buddy” would be my canine companion, Katie.  She recently departed this earth and I miss her dearly…but this isn’t about my loss. This is about something I realized toward the end of law school and definitely during my 4 long months of bar prep.  Something that deserves recognition.

I had human study buddies off and on, joined a few study groups throughout school which were helpful, but none were as supportive as my furry friend at home who was willing to hang out with me through hours of endless reading, writing, and reciting rules.  Sure, Katie couldn’t brief cases or argue legal issues with me.  But what she could do was keep me company, smile at me with those big brown eyes and appear interested in what I was learning no matter how long it took or what day it was.  I think if she could talk, she could have recited the Rule Against Perpetuities like a champ (although neither of us would be able to explain it or apply it to a fact pattern).

Studying for the bar exam is a lonely but necessary process.  My family and friends gave me the space I needed – and naturally I felt pretty isolated during those last few months.  They cheered me on for my hard work, but it seemed like no one “got it”.  Except for Katie.  She was there by my side through it all – not telling me that she was “..sure I would pass” or “Don’t worry – you can always retake it, no big deal..”  Nope – none of that from Katie.  Just her loyal company and silent encouragement, and that was all I needed.

ID-10091893Reading and analyzing hundreds of bar exam essays might not be your idea of a good time, but we at have found some hidden gems of humor buried within all those IRACs that made us LOL. We thought we’d share some of these ‘funny moments in bar exam history’ with you.  Especially if you’re suffering from bar prep fatigue, these might make you smile.  Courtesy of those who’ve gone before you and came out with State Bar recognized answers – despite the bloopers. However, please note we do not recommend trying to be witty on your bar exam answers!  We believe these snippets of otherwise good answers were just the unintended result of writing under pressure.   Read More →