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BarIssues Mission Statement
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Bar IssuesZero in on the most frequently tested issues on the California Bar Exam!
Let's face it - with roughly 3,000 legal issues spanning 15 subjects, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin studying.
  • Can you really memorize 3,000 rules of law?
  • Do you know which subjects and issues are tested the most?
  • Want to know when, where, and how every issue has been tested?
  • How about one-click access to each essay question (plus 2 passing answers) covering more than a decade of past bar exams?
Bar IssuesThere is no better way to study the past California Bar Exam essays!
The essays make up 39% of your score. You need to pass the essays to pass the bar exam!
  • You must spot all the issues! That's how you get the points.
  • We give you the edge in learning how to spot issues so your essays score well.
  • Save valuable study time - no need to look for & assemble essay practice materials - we have it all.
  • Use our study tools to review passing answers and compare your own - your key to success!
Spot The Issues Spot The Issues:
  • Search for any issue and instantly see which essays have discussed that issue - then just click to review.
  • We only use answers that scored well on past exams - the same ones selected by the State Bar as quality answers.
  • We compare the "A" and "B" answers so more issues are included.
  • Find both issues and sub-issues - if it's in the answer, it's in our database.
Study The Essays Study The Essays:
  • Select a subject to see a list of all essays in that subject.
  • Each essay question (plus 2 selected answers) is separated into a unique file with a descriptive title.
  • You get one-click access to real bar exam essay answers without having to scroll through volumes of pages to find the one you want.
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And More ...And More!
  • Use as a basis for creating your flashcards and enhancing your subject outlines.
  • You'll have access to our Subject Analysis Chart, with up-to-date statistics of the subjects tested most and least often - and everything in between, including crossovers.
  • Study anywhere! View, save, or print the essays and use from any computer, tablet or smart phone.