Flashcards 2 by Stuart Miles-FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt seems inevitable that at some point during your law school studies you will need to prepare some flashcards, or perhaps I should say, it’s “foreseeable” – a favorite word among law students, second only to “reasonable.” So, let’s have a look at the best possible method to make your flashcard creation a success. Perhaps you just might recognize yourself in one of these types and be inspired to try out a new method that could give you that boost you’ve been looking for, taking the dreariness out of a mundane task that law students just can’t seem to avoid.

1.     The Organizer

This student uses his electronic label maker to create tabs in his binder and is never without a pack of ultra-thin 0.5 mm multi-colored gel markers. He even uses those nifty highlighters with the built in post-it flags when briefing cases. His flashcards are created using the latest colored index cards that range from pastels to neons, using one color per subject to make it super easy to sort them, just in case he panics in a fit of exasperation, throwing all of his flashcards up in the air.

2.     The Techno

Forget about carrying around a set of law books, this student has them all on her various electronic devices. Preferring her iPad and Chromebook laptop, she despises paper and gets extremely disappointed when her Prof’s book list can’t be found in a Kindle version. Her flashcards are all created from an app that stores them in the cloud so that she can study them anytime, anywhere, across all of her electronic gadgets.

3.     The Artsy

Artistic beauty is of prime importance to this student – it can be seen in her fashionable print covered binders and designer laptop sleeves. Her flashcards are certainly memorable and beautiful to look at, created using a customized template on her Macbook Air with the latest graphic design software. But, since time is of the essence when studying for the bar exam, she may be spending just a bit too much time on this basic task.

4.     The Minimalist

Less is best and this student has a knack for paring down his subject outlines to the bare minimum. Just a number 5 HB pencil and one set of basic index cards is all that’s needed for him to create his flashcards and then learn them cold. Sounds like a good plan, but hopefully he’s not missing out on memorizing some key legal terms which could cost him valuable points on the bar exam.

5.     The Uber-Achiever

There is always one of these in every class and although we may scoff at how she always seems to feel the need to answer every question, we secretly envy her seeming ability to absorb vast amounts of information so quickly. This student leaves no stone unturned and will create a flashcard for every imaginable rule of law. Problem is, her brain isn’t any different than yours and trying to accurately memorize 3,000 rules of law will drive even the best student out of their mind!

Bottom line is that you know you have to do them, so have a bit of fun but don’t get too carried away. BarIssues.com can help you zero in on the most frequently tested issues on the California Bar Exam. Whether you prefer electronic or paper, flashcards are here to stay!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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