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Taking the Baby Bar this year?  If you haven’t registered yet, the final deadline to to register for the October 2014 FYLSX  is Monday, September 15.  Law students are often so busy keeping up with studies or trying to decide if they’re ready to take a state-required #barexam that they don’t realize a sign-up deadline is fast approaching – until it’s too late.

So if you’re planning to sit for the October exam and haven’t registered yet.. . NOW IS THE TIME.  Just go to the State Bar website registration page and follow the instructions there.

Although technically the California State Bar requires all candidates to take and pass the FYLSX (First Year Law Student Exam) a/k/a “the Baby Bar”, those who complete 1L and advance to 2L at a CA-accredited or ABA-approved law school qualify for an exemption.  Students enrolled in unaccredited or correspondence law schools, or in a law office/judge’s chambers study program do not qualify for the exemption. These students must pass the  Baby Bar within the next 3 administrations of the exam subsequent to completing 1L.  Some students in “exempt” law schools must also sit for the Baby Bar if they do not meet minimum GPA requirements. The exam is administered each year in June and October.

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